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       Hefei linxu preschool education group (Hefei linxu kindergarten) was founded in 2000, and now has 21 modern chain kindergartens with nearly 1000 teaching staff. For a long time, linxu kindergarten has become a famous brand of preschool education in Anhui Province with excellent teachers, first-class and perfect hardware facilities and high-quality education and teaching level.
       In the past 20 years, linxu group has won "national patriotic education demonstration kindergarten", "national private education demonstration kindergarten", national "Tenth Five Project" teaching and research base, "national high quality and characteristic private kindergarten", "advanced unit of Anhui Private School", "training practice base of kindergarten director in Anhui Province", "first class kindergarten of Hefei city", "Hefei city" "Excellent civilian kindergarten" and other honorary titles have won numerous national, provincial, municipal and district level collective and individual awards, which have won wide praise from all walks of life. Linxu group will live up to the expectations, adhere to the tenet of "family care, care and education, develop characteristics and strive for brand", so as to make parents satisfied and at ease, let children grow up healthily and happily, and strive to cultivate more and more outstanding social elites.

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You can contact us in the following ways on weekdays
Cooperation and consultation: (0551) 62828944
Complaints and suggestions: (0551) 62810168
website: http://www.lxhec.com
E-Mail: lxhec@sohu.com
Wechat public account: lxkindergarten
Address: 33 / F, block C, land Plaza, 666 Longtu Road, Shushan District, Hefei, China

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